MUNOBB is a conference hosted by the Mun club of the Pädagogium Baden-Baden (Germany).

The Team

Thomas Weißinger

Head of Board of Directors


Alexander Goßner

Secretariat & Student Officer

Emely Kissinger

Secretariat & Student Officer, Press

Joshua Reime

Transportation Coordinator & Secretariat

Patricia Schmid

Secretary General

Celina Schwarz

Accomodation Manager

Tobias Mai

Undersecretary of Finance

Johanna Schmucker

Conference Manager

Polina Druzhinina

Staff Manager

Tobias Conzelmann

Secretary General

Join us / Questions?

MUNOBB is a Model United Nations Conference held at the Pädagogium in Baden-Baden with 100 – 200 delegates participating.

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the United Nations General Assembly and other UN bodies, organized and run by students.