MUNOBB is a conference hosted by the Mun club of the Pädagogium Baden-Baden (Germany).

Student officer application


Each committee has a chair, head or President who is the student officer in charge of the forum. There are 2 Student Officers in each GA committee and in the Special Conference. The student Officers are responsible for coordinating the debate in every Committee as well as create study guides or research reports for the delegates of their Committees. In addition to that they have to work through the position papers from their delegates.

Due to these facts they have to be experienced MUNers with in-depth knowledge of the MUN procedures as well as the agenda topics.

If you want to apply for such a position you have to

1. Write an E-Mail to with your intention to take part as a student officer.

2. Write a letter of motivation including your past MUN experience.

3. Send a letter of recommendation from your MUN director.

The applicatication will close on February, 10th 2019.

After that there will be several digital workshops and Skype sessions. On the day prior to the conference there will be a mandatory workshop for all student officers.

If you have any pressing questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Management at

Join us / Questions?

MUNOBB is a Model United Nations Conference held at the Pädagogium in Baden-Baden with 100 – 200 delegates participating.

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the United Nations General Assembly and other UN bodies, organized and run by students.